Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)

The aim of the ESDM is to increase the rates of the development in all domains for children with autism as it simultaneously aims to decrease the symptoms of autism. 
Professionals using the ESDM attend training series and must meet a high standard of competency to become certified as a provider and a trainer. Rachael was certified as a provider in 2009 and as a trainer in 2012.

ESDM can help reduce maladaptive behaviours in children with autism:
Read the current research here

You can read recent scientific publications about the ESDM here:
Science Daily, published October 2012


Additional information on the ESDM and the certification process can be found here.

Career Opportunities

‚ÄčTherapists interested in becoming trained in ESDM therapy or working as an ESDM therapist are encouraged to email Connecting Early through the Contact Us page.

Rachael Riethman has extensive experience working with young children with autism and their families to provide individualized quality therapy, intervention, and support.  She is certified through the MIND Institute,   University of California, Davis, as both a provider and trainer in the Early Start Denver Model.