Is your service provider certified in ESDM?

Verify directly with the MIND Institute, University of California

Follow this link and click on the "ESDM trainer list" to see the most up to date list of certified ESDM trainers.

Connecting Early strives to provide high quality, cost effective intervention for young children affected with autism. Connecting Early works closely with families to ensure they have the intervention that best meets their needs.
Early Start Denver Model is a comprehensive intervention for very young children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or who are at risk of being diagnosis with ASD. ESDM combines applied behaviour analysis (ABA) with a naturalistic teaching approach to engage young children in preferred activities.  A toddler or child receiving ESDM therapy is taught skills in all developmental areas through a positive affect-based relationship. ESDM therapists are trained to provide intensive teaching within child lead activities to increase rates of development and learning.  A well-developed set of learning objectives and ongoing data collection ensures each child is learning at their optimum level.

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